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My Scotts Valley remembering those who've served.

Wishing all My Scotts Valley friends a wonderful Memorial Day. Super grateful for all who have fought and continue to fight for our freedom every day!
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How many of you go back far enough in Scotts Valley to remember Friend Stone? Here is a write-up that's dated August 14, 1968 about the appreciation that many had for Mr. Stone and all he did for our little up and coming city back in the day.

*As we get closer to the 4th of July and our 50th Year Anniversary in August, we will be sharing lots of memorabilia, articles, pictures and stories that show the history of Scotts Valley.

Hope you enjoy!

Thank you Mayor Donna Lind for sharing this picture with all of us. :)
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Donna Rae LindFriend Stone really was special, innovative and a major reason that we are a City with a voice in our future.

14 hours ago   ·  1

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Traffic on NB-17 looked brutal as we could see cars that looked to be going back over the hill all backed up almost into Santa Cruz.

Good thing we already live here... 😱
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Tim LankinsSpeed report shows an average of 16mph in some places

16 hours ago

R.G. SalsgiverGood they are going back home!

16 hours ago   ·  3

Kent MadsenI've said that to myself many times ...0

16 hours ago   ·  1

Terri RitchieI took a friend to sj airport and was coming back to Scotts Valley at 8:45 AM and was already stopping on 17 due to traffic coming into town 😖

16 hours ago

Diane Barbara BianconiDon't miss that

16 hours ago

Michael LiptonMoved to Scotts Valley from San Jose. When I lived over the hill I would visit every weekend. So glad I don't have to deal with this anymore!

15 hours ago   ·  2

Gabriel NealSummer is coming

15 hours ago   ·  1

John Van LanenKooks

15 hours ago   ·  1

James TannerI feel sorry for them. They provide a HUGE amount of money for our community. I hate the traffic they contribute to but I blame those that drag their feet on road upgrades. Misguidedly thinking that's the way to slow growth. Just my 2 cents...

15 hours ago   ·  3

Lisa BustichiNothing's been this way since our family moved to Scotts Valley in 1971.

15 hours ago   ·  5

Jen NomiOuch! As much as I dislike beach traffic, some of the comments in this thread are sad. I think we should appreciate the people who visit, spend money here, and support our local economy. The unwelcoming attitude of "locals" is the one thing I really disliked when I moved here 20 yrs ago. I'm happy I'm able to live in a place so many like to visit!

15 hours ago   ·  13

Miriam MoyerSo hard on the holidays and with summer coming...

14 hours ago

Melanie Scheer Hatchett

14 hours ago   ·  2

Linda Viele SilvaI was considering visiting my children in Scotts Valley today but decided maybe during the week is better. Glad I didn't now

14 hours ago   ·  1

Robert StoopsI would put up with it to live in "Paradise"

7 hours ago

Tom NordWe were awed when we went to San Jose yesterday and the traffic was bumper to bumper from the summit all the way to Hamilton Ave in Campbell !! We were happy to be going the other way and thought there was not enough room on the coast for all those people!

6 hours ago

Robert ScottI feel blessed to have grown up here. Me and my siblings could play ball in the street when we were kids, and rarely have to move for a car. Not no more!

6 hours ago

Manuel TalaveraUse motorcycles ;)

5 hours ago

Jill HitchmanThe traffic is a nightmare, and the trash being left behind on the beaches is upsetting, too. I have no problem with people visiting the beaches - we don't own them just because we live here - but people should at least clean up after themselves and be respectful of the environment, the marine life, and other people if they are coming to visit the beach.

5 hours ago   ·  4

Stephen BowlingOur infrastructure can't even handle regular work traffic

4 hours ago

Jon IdemotoThe waltons

3 hours ago

Grace ReevesComing back from Antioch to Capitola last night, I took the "back route" over Old Santa Cruz Highway, Summit Rd, Soquel-San Jose Rd....and I kid you not, at 10pm ...yes 10 pm....there was an almost STEADY stream of cars moving along that back route from the time I got ONTO Old Santa Cruz Highway until I passed Blue Ball Park. It was the weirdest thing--that many cars, that late at night, that particular route.

1 hour ago

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The Felton Trout Farm said spread the news, and that's exactly what we are going to do by telling you all that they will be serving FREE Brats for Monday's game 7 of the Western Conference Finals between the Warriors and the OKC Thunder.

Great place to watch the game while enjoying some FREE munchies. As in FREE!

Spread the word, and go Warriors!
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