Guess who's FINALLY having their Grand Opening this coming Tuesday, November 1st at 11:30am?

It's the new Ambrosia India Bistro place! Check out their attached flyer for more info.

Oh yeah!
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Matt ClarkAwesome

11 hours ago

Fiona MacfarlaneSo excited! Excellent!

11 hours ago

Julie O'BrienTikki Granger-Jones let's do lunch...

9 hours ago

Griffon WalkerOoo, Jazzed! Charise!

8 hours ago

Bonnie Lawrencefantastic! now i can get indian to go on my way home from the barn!

2 hours ago

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My Scotts Valley shared a Santa Cruz Mountain Hikers.

I don't know about you, but this event sounds pretty awesome! I love getting out and exploring all that Scotts Valley has to offer us hikers and mountain bikers. :)
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Dene Bustichi Discusses Recent Actions by the State Contractor...
Today I met with current city councilman Dene Bustichi as he reached out to MSV in light of the news stories that are starting to surface regarding Dene's disciplinary actions and rulings by the state contractor's board in June 23, 2015. If you have not yet heard about it, I am certain that you will be hearing about it as several news agencies are starting to report on the matter.

Dene asked to speak to the people of Scotts Valley, to offer his explanation for what took place, why it took place, to offer an apology and to give a message to the residents of our city and he did so in this interview.

Dene summed it up in an interview with the Press Banner when he said: “If the citizens want a perfect candidate for council I’m not your guy, but I would hope people will judge me on the body of work I’ve done, not on mistakes I made two years ago.”

To read more about the matter, you can read the article that was recently published online by the Press Banner at: www.goldenstatenewspapers.com/press_banner/council-candidate-s-contractor-license-was-revoked/art...
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Shanna Bustichi PeuseWow, shameful to stoop so low as to bring up a failed business transaction, that the price is already being paid for, as a reason to not continue the good work Dene's shown throughout his time as a council member. We all make mistakes, and we grow from them. As a business owner, a mistake could be a very costly risk. However, it shouldn't be a judgement on a persons character, or a reason to try digging around in someone's closet to find a juicy tidbit of information that you hope to use to promote your own agenda!

18 hours ago   ·  18

Kathy MitchellI appreciate Dene and Robert putting out this video. It puts in context the allegations I have been hearing from the group that has put out this information to the press. I think all of us, at one time or another, have been in financial difficulty. I am saddened that someone who has given so much to our community and has suffered personally in his life now has to relive this time in his life that he would probably rather forget. I appreciate his honesty and, again saddened that the politics of personal destruction have come to Scotts Valley. It appears that his opponents, when void of ideas, will go after a candidate personally. I'm still on Team Dene and I support him 110%!

18 hours ago   ·  12

Shara SheardShara Sheard I am simply heartbroken that this is what our little town's campaign has become. Dene is right - never before has there been this kind of mud-slinging and digs into ones history. And school board members taking shots at the city council race? I appreciate our City Manager and her professional response to a very obvious attempt at slander and libel. Dene Bustichi is a stand-up guy who's family has done nothing but work tirelessly for the people of SV. Dene is out there volunteering at the community center, packing holiday baskets at Valley Churches United, Transportation Committee, Kiwanas, Lions Club, Chamber, Moose Lodge...I'm beginning to doubt this man sleeps at night. The recession hit a lot of people hard and I honestly feel people did the best they could with what they had at the time. When its time to vote, I hope the people of SV ask themselves "what they want in a person to represent SV". Do they want an honest human being, a hard-worker that has given back so much. Do they want someone who gets out there and makes a difference for everyone around them? Or do they want someone who hires campaign managers to sneak around and do their best to dig up dirt on opponents? Do you want someone who fudged the truth about their endorsements? Do you want someone who hides behind glossy flyers and scare tactics? Nope..I want the person that shows me they are out there everyday working for the people. I want the guy that admits his mistakes, asks for forgiveness and understanding. That's the REAL person we need to represent the people of Scotts Valley.

18 hours ago   ·  19

Jeniqua GonzalesI have known Dene Bustichi for more than 50 years here in Scotts Valley. I know his brother Eugene--and I knew their father, Gene Bustichi--and my father knew their father as well. Anyone who has known these fine Bustichi men can tell you that they have always worked tirelessly giving back to our beloved city. As for Dene, you probably can't find a person who has given more of themselves to our community. Dene was giving back to the city of Scotts Valley long before he even knew the word politics. This is why it sickens me to see such hateful personal attacks against him. He absolutely does not deserve it. And as for the people who don't know about Dene's lifetime of public service, and who may not know what an absolute sweet heart he has, don't let the haters get to you. Dene Bustichi will continue to put his heart and soul into loooking after the city of Scotts Valley as no one else can. Dene Bustichi has my vote--I am proud to be on Team Dene!

18 hours ago   ·  12

Debbie Cameron CasillasDirty pool!

17 hours ago   ·  6

Tracy Mathis SwartVote for Dene!

17 hours ago   ·  11

Adele GardnerTo be clear, the Dilles campaign did not find or release this document. That said the document speaks for itself. Read it yourself.https://www2.cslb.ca.gov/OnlineServices/Accusations/N2014-157/N2014-157-20150521-Decision.pdf

15 hours ago   ·  1

Lisa BustichiSo now we are no longer allowed to make mistakes, fix them, and move forward to rebuild? We are not allowed to be human? Anyone who knows Dene, ...yes we are related...he is my cousin...knows he has done and continues to do more for this commUNITY than most of us will even begin to think about doing. He is a good man, and has my vote. Not because he is my cousin, but because he has proven he is a great leader for our commUNITY.

15 hours ago   ·  4

Kimberly HudsonShame on those who are trying to turn our local politics into a big mud slinging campaign , especially those who have no room to talk😑 Still voting for Dene.

15 hours ago   ·  9

Marsha Edwards BrandtRobert - your political preferences are really obvious. Since its your site, you can post whatever you want, but I'm sorry you have taken this biased turn.

15 hours ago   ·  1

Karin Karrie SeyffertDene has done so much for our city. Please do not let this hinder keeping him on. I have known him 20+ years. It would be a tragedy to lose such an efficient,loyal, giving and passionate individual who has lived his whole life here in Scotts Valley and is only looking out for all of us. Please vote Dene In with all of us who stand behind him. If u don't you will certainly regret it. Look how much he has done.

15 hours ago   ·  3

Kris Miller" our little town,- never before has there been this kind of mud-slinging and digs into ones history. " REALLY? Public record, s/b common knowledge. Judge Judy Quote, Put on your big Girl Panties... How come Press Banner did not cover this before? Level playing field is informed public. Read the judges report, pretty damning. Of the 3, I can more support him, than Randy propane tanks not a problem now we dumped them in someones backyard, or one who cannot. When did your Little town have 4 hotels?

15 hours ago

Tammi RobertsFor several years Dene has been committed to the city of Scotts Valley. That service speaks for itself and would not change my vote. BUSTICHI 2016👍🏻

14 hours ago   ·  8

Bethany GraceThis truly breaks my heart to see a wonderful person having to deal with dirty politics (especially when his friend just recently passed away too!). Keep your head up Dene! You are loved in this community no matter what! A PERSONAL issue mistake made TWO years ago does NOT discredit a person's credential--especially one who has been on the City Council for TWELVE years! Dene gives tirelessly and whole-heartedly to this City. With this being said, I, too, am still for Join Team Dene Bustichi for Scotts Valley City Council <3

14 hours ago   ·  9

Chandler CordThe responsible and respectable thing to do would be to resign. Something like this points to a serous character flaw. Being unable to manage his finances, stealing from a business, running from his obligations and hiding it from the people of Scott's Valley. What else is there that has not come to light?

13 hours ago   ·  3

Krista AbelI watched the whole video and read the entire article then googled the past history. I keep reading "don't judge me for two years ago." I agree. I won't. What I want to know is have you paid your restitution? (Did the vendor get his $112k payment owed?) That's absolutely my only question and reaction to the article. As a small business owner it can devastate our personal finances to not have our invoices paid-- so I won't judge but I want to know if you made it right.

13 hours ago   ·  4

Trail NowTrail Now bases their support of candidates on the votes they make on Santa Cruz County Regional Transportation Commission (RTC). Dene has been on the right side of those votes. He does not support the train and has made what we consider to be good decisions. Dene Bustichi has represented Scotts Valley well on transportation over the decade.

13 hours ago   ·  8

Shanna Bustichi PeuseYou have some desperate new candidates that will do almost anything to get on a council that doesn't need them. Why do we need to change things? Has SV been at a decline? Is there an issue they're not addressing? We don't need to fix something that's not broke. This is despicable, go back inside your glass houses.

13 hours ago   ·  5

Krista LeontieffWe all make mistakes of some sort and to do so is human. From what I have observed, he has done quite a bit for this community for many years, and continues to be committed to Scotts Valley and all of us. Focus on what is important people.

13 hours ago   ·  5

Charlene Bustichi MaxwellOutside interest's are trying to change Scotts Valley. They are trying to distract the voters. Don't let that happen. Dene will continue working hard for all of Scotts Valley. He has my vote.

12 hours ago   ·  7

Mike CraigI've known Dene Bustichi for several years now...he is a dedicated public servant who truly cares about Scotts Valley .... he is deserving of our support.

12 hours ago   ·  8

Doreen WoottenI know Dene loves Scotts Valley and works hard every day to keep our city running smoothly. For years he has given so much of his time to help our community grow and prosper. I appreciate him setting up this interview with Robert and telling his side of the story. Everyone makes mistakes. He has my vote.

12 hours ago   ·  7

Steve SikesI usually love the My Scotts Valley feed on Facebook, but I feel you may have jumped the shark with this post.

11 hours ago

Laura GonzalezLet's be rational and clear-headed about the truth. Bustichi's comments here are an excuse, not an apology. He is not admitting to the lying, willfully withholding funds from a subcontractor, diverting funds and fraud that he was charged with in a valid, thorough legal proceeding. He lost his license because was found guilty and instead of admitting he used unethical business practices, he said the legal decision "mischaracterized" him. An apology without an admission of guilt is without value. His explanation is also factually inaccurate because the job was 4 years after the recession. Moreover, as he admits here (but lied about in court interviews), he was paid in full for the project. Therefore, as project manager, if he ran out of funds, that is his fault. An ethical project manager would have taken the hit himself rather than stiffing a subcontractor. The legal decision is a publicly available document. It is a long read, but please do read it if you want ascertain the truth. www2.cslb.ca.gov/OnlineServices/Accusations/N2014-157/N2014-157-20150521-Decision.pdf

11 hours ago   ·  7

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