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My Scotts Valley feeling sad.

The accident that we reported here on MSV just after it happened yesterday late morning, involved a Scotts Valley man who was the driver of a motorcycle that was hit by car as he was driving SB 17 in the Lexington area. According to reports, the driver of the car was changing lanes and hit the motorcycle causing the crash, which resulted in the death of the motorcycle driver.

Please pray for the survivors of the man and let's all remind ourselves to always be extra careful as drivers for both cars AND motorcycles.

If I hear of any fundraiser or am contacted for community assistance for the family, I will definitely post here.

Such a sad and tragic story...
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Cheryl GorhamVery sad.

1 day ago

Lori ClaysVery sad🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

1 day ago

Teri Mathews Cunningham🙏🏻

1 day ago

Linda Patton PellettI read that he was in his 60's but no name yet.

1 day ago

Greg HurleyVery sad. I always look over my shoulder before changing lanes, because some of these motorcyclists come up on your blind spot very quick.

1 day ago   ·  2

Jan GoerickeOh no! So very sad. I commute on my motorcycle over 17 three times a week.

22 hours ago   ·  1

Rachel WilliamsOh no.... 😦

19 hours ago

Claire Young❤ Heartbreaking.

18 hours ago

Marika KaramSo sad 😢🙏🙏

18 hours ago

Linda L. Cullen:(

15 hours ago

Katrina Sorenson MacielMy friend gary lost his friend Neil talbert yesterday on 17 to a motorcycle accident

15 hours ago

Lori Orgish-LuchetteDrivers need to learn to look for motorcycles. We weren't taught to do so when learning to drive, so we must learn to do so. :-(

6 hours ago

Kris MillerTurning your head to look at blind spots before lane changing IS still taught. Ten years ago Capitola DMV tester said they flunk anyone who does not look first. Objects in passenger mirror are closer/larger than they appear because of convex mirrors needs to be reinforced. Sad needless loss..

4 hours ago

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