Happy Birthday to one of the nicest and most loved individuals in town, a person who just gives and gives and has fans EVERYWHERE she goes... Happy Birthday Aunt Lali!

I remember doing a one-on-one interview with her once and just really being impressed with her. Here it is in case you missed it:

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In this episode of the My Scotts Valley Weekly Show, I meet and chat with one of Scotts Valley's favorite people, Aunt Lali of Aunt Lali's Ice Cream and Cate...

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My Scotts Valley would like to wish ALL you awesome teachers at Brook Knoll, Vine Hill, our middle school, our high school and teachers EVERYWHERE in ALL SCHOOLS a Happy Teachers Appreciation Week!

Thank you for all you do!
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Are the dreams of the Scotts Valley Town Center dead? Here are 5 reasons why I think it may be more of a reality then ever:

#1 - The 1440 Multiversity being built where the old Bethany University once was will bring more people to our town and I am already hearing that they may have already had discussions with the upcoming Residence Inn by Marriott that will be built on the other side of 17 on Enterprise Way about accommodating some of the overflow of people staying at or visiting the 1440 Multiversity.

#2 - The Lexington Hotel and Residence Inn by Marriott will no doubt bring more people to and through Scotts Valley, which will in turn bring more business into our town. Businesses should expect an increase in sales when these hotels are built and I expect that this type of traffic through our town will also bring about more dining and entertainment choices. Add the extra $500,000 or so in revenue that each hotel will bring into our city which will be used to improve many areas and things needing attention.

#3 - The UCSC Scotts Valley Center which was recently announced will be bringing 500 more people to our town with many of them needing places to eat and shop.

#4 - Kasier Permanente's recent announcement that they will be coming to Scotts Valley in the Granite Creek Business Center should bring more people into the area. The "excitement" over this announcement alone has been evident with so many people wanting and needing Kaiser in the area. More people in town brings more business and Kaiser, I believe, will have an impact.

#5 - The amount of people making $150,000+ in Scotts Valley has in fact doubled over the years and probably more so today then ever. More income brings more buying and spending power. You have seen it in our housing prices, and you will see it in businesses that cater to higher end products and services. Its pretty simple, money talks.

I think that while many have been wanting and longing for a Town Center, much like the ones we have been shown by the previous developers, Scotts Valley was not yet ready for it. Builders and developers saw that and that is why they did not jump at the opportunity. But I think over the next couple of years as many of the above projects come to fruition and the need increases, the developers will have to take note and realize that Scotts Valley will be able to support a nice Town Center with more nice dining, entertainment and shopping options for those living in and coming through our town.

You say?
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Virginia ChotiaI hope you are right. I do wonder if most people working at Kaiser or UCSC will want something within walking distance rather than having to drive to the Town Center. My employer checked out Enterprise a few years ago, and even though we are probably paying more for staying in downtown Santa Cruz, close dining/grocery was a factor in the decision.

1 day ago   ·  1

Marilyn Bates-NolanI sure hope so! Scotts valley Drive definately needs some rejuvenation! Seems like there is lots of potential there. I hope our town reconsiders Target too . I love this town but it needs a little boost and updating.

1 day ago   ·  3

Jen NomiWe have plenty of empty retail space already, I'm not sure why we need more. I would love to see Sky Park extended into the existing empty space with a nice walking trail through an edible landscape of fruit trees and community gardens.

1 day ago   ·  8

Kathy Mazenko AdamsI moved here in anticipation of the town center! Hope to see it come sooner than later!

1 day ago

JAshley MarshOur town is good enough stay out!

1 day ago   ·  9

Annie ScottI've been waiting for the town center since I moved here 12 years ago. I've been hoping it would be something like the old, pre-earthquake Pacific Garden Mall or maybe Stanford Shopping Center. Something attractive to business and shoppers alike with the almost-one-stop shopping, not so much driving around aspect that I need. Maybe the proposed purchase/redevelopment of the Capitola Mall will spark some energy ~

1 day ago   ·  1

Leslie NathamIf you have Kaiser, you probably are employed in the Bay Area. Stay there. Seriously. I'm starting not to enjoy this page if it's run by someone who believes Scotts Valley ( and the rest of Santa Cruz) should be turned into a paved paradise strip mall for Bay Area commuters.

1 day ago   ·  4

Matt GerigWe need to make Scotts valley great again. We need to add jobs but keep in mind over population. The choices we make on expanding should be well thought out and not rushed. My opinion.

1 day ago   ·  6

Gloria HolcombI spent lots of time at the Bethany College. My Grandma owned a summer cottage there and gave it to the college. A beautiful place to grow up.

1 day ago

Carolyn Klein LagattutaGood. I get so bummed when I drive down SV Drive and see those two huge and ugly buildings and the hotel being built. 😕

1 day ago   ·  1

Natalie Elizabeth SalazarThese all sound like great ideas. As someone who lived in places like West Hills and Fontana when they were still small towns, don't expect to have that small town feel with these business type upgrades.

1 day ago   ·  3

Krissi DurantI have been all for the town center... But now, TWO more hotels? Building across from the middle school? The STILL empty new buildings on The drive? It seems the city council is looking to build revenue on every square inch of our very little city. Oh well. Who needs trees, open space, fresh air to breathe. Build on!!!

23 hours ago   ·  2

Pj McAlisterstop and look around at what we have room and water for - it's not unlimited and i moved here to be in a smaller community - not the "rush hour" traffic we see now- revenue is good - but we still need to keep the flavor intact - you don't see Felton doing this - but they aren't a "bedroom" community to Silicon Valley - yuck

19 hours ago   ·  1

Kris MillerCould we have a community swimming pool paid for IF we combined Police Dispatch functions with Santa Cruz Center like all other central coast cities?

8 hours ago

Matt GerigIt's a double edge sword. Part of me wants to be greedy and self centered and say I loved sv when it was a small town and less people. The other part of me says we need more jobs and businesses to help support our community with new jobs. So I deff have no idea where I stand on this.

6 hours ago

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